Sell with us for artists Artdepot

Now we accept artworks from USA artists! 

You need to follow:
- You are an USA artist or have a representativein USA.
- You artworks could be discribe aa one of the following list: painting, drawing, decor, art fashion and jewelry (if made as an original work).
- All your artworks are original, handmade and signed. No prints , No other artists' works, No copies.
- You are agree to pay 20% fee of artwork price.
- You are ready to package and ship you work to seller.
- You check and correct your inventory in a timely manner. 

We work individually with every artist and at first you need to get acceptance to sell your works on our website.
IT IS VERY EASY: JUST SEND US A LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE OR ANY INTERNET RESOURCE AND IF APPROVED BY OUR CURATORS we will send your instructions how to open account and upload your artworks to our website.
Please note that we answer only if your works are considered acceptable.
Email for sending your enquiry is: